Beta Information Technology

Beta group of companies, one of fastest growing business organizations in the region, started its operation in Dubai in 1976 as Engineering Services Company.  Since then Beta expanded its business activities in the Trading, Industrial and Information Technology fields. With the need to diversify the company’s activities, Independent specialized business units arose, giving birth to Beta Industrial Establishment, Beta Trading Establishment, Motasim Al Daour Factory (ADF) and Beta Information Technology L.L.C. (BETA IT).

Beta IT focused on providing IT data infrastructure solutions for decades that led to accumulating experience in data networking, security, and acceleration and optimization solutions.

Beta IT has developed a unique approach when addressing customer requirements for critical infrastructure implementations. We understand the business demands carried by our customers. Our skilled design teams are able to map these needs and requirements into a unique and reliable design that fits for existing and future expected requirements.

We have chosen the right combination of products, technologies, and services with the right approach of design leading to a smooth integration between multiple critical systems that will be utilizing this new infrastructure setup.